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You've poured over Instagram, Pinterest and the internet as a whole trying to find artwork, calligraphy or signage that truly speaks to you. The piece of the puzzle that's missing was there all along, its you! I can help you bring to the life the vision you or your wedding planner has dreamed up, we just haven't talked yet. I truly excel when I'm given a framework and I take it and run with it. Your special gathering, or that custom piece you've been wanting, it is within reach! Every step of the way, my goal is to make sure your artwork or design is recognizably you, and that you'll love it forever. 


I'm Kate Turner, artist, calligrapher, and creative problem solver. I've always been an avid creator, even from a young age. I mostly stuck to drawing and photography until I got into art school and learned that I truly love it all. I received my BFA in Printmaking from Kennesaw State University in 2012. After college I found myself working in the events and wedding industry, gaining knowledge of special gatherings from a venue's perspective. As I've grown up, I've found that I look at the world in a way that most people don't. I see beauty where others might not, and draw inspiration from some obscure places. I take my artistic talents, my unique view of the world, and knowledge of the inner workings of a well-planned event to create artwork that is beautiful and functional. 

fun facts about me 

  • As a child, I used to change my handwriting all the time. I would master a "font" if you will, and then move on to another. Now in my day to day scribbles, I write like an architect with a twist. All caps with some sassy R's. 

  • All through high school and college, I worked at a small Chinese restaurant and absolutely loved it! I still remember some food, numbers and curse words in Cantonese. 

  • I'm an adventurous cook, baker, and love to eat.

  • True crime podcasts and the "Cocktail Jazz" playlist on Spotify keep me company while I work. 

  • Yoga, skiing and hiking are how I enjoy working off all the food.

  • The television mothers who raised me: Ina Garten, the cast of the Golden Girls, and Marge Simpson.

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